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How to become doctor and settle down in USA

How to become doctor and settle down in USATo study MBBS in America, student have studied Bachelors program for getting admission in MBBS in America. The medical education system is well defined by United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Students have to clear MCAT, an entrance exam, to get admission in MBBS in America. Every year thousands of students give this exam. This exam is monitored by AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). MCAT exam is given by students after completion of their bachelors. This exam is extremely difficult and expensive as compared to other way. There are more than 350 medical universities in America which are funded by the US government.


Medical students find it difficult to get admission in MBBS in America just like India through MCAT. Moreover this path is expensive just like Indian private colleges. Therefore, there is one new path for Indian students to study MBBS in America. In this case, the fees of MBBS is low as compared to Indian private colleges. The universities in Caribbean islands provide education for 3.5 years in Central America. After that students are transfer to Chicago or Baltimore or Canada for their clinical rotation.

The top ranked universities for MBBS in America are Texila American University, American University of Barbados, Spartan Health and Medical Sciences, American International Medical University, St. Martinus University etc. MBBS experts are authorized representative of these universities. We can guide you towards a better future.

After clearing USMLE-3 the candidate can apply for one year work permit during which duration he or she can work. They can also opt for further studies like PG in US. The fees paid by the students for PG is equivalent to the stipend they receive which means that PG for the medical students is almost free of cost. Moreover, they can easily get residency of US.

Pursuing MBBS in America is full of good opportunities, learning experiences and global exposure in terms of latest technology in the field of medical science.