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American University of Barbados is one of the top medical universities in the island nation of Barbados. It has been providing quality of education with Latest Cutting Edge Technology- Medical Animation, Simulation and Educational Video Games to their students and also focus on growing a student academically, professionally as well as socially.

American University of Barbados is approved and listed with World Health Organization (WHO) & The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (IMED/FAIMER) Directories. It is chartered by the Government of Barbados. It is also licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Barbados. It is also registered by the Barbados Accreditation Council. Additionally, it is listed with Medical Council of India.

The curriculum of American University of Barbados, in both Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations, is based on USA style with extensive USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) preparation. The fees structure of this university is very affordable and it also provides scholarship for meritorious students. It is one of the main reason that students choose this university for studying MBBS after 12th standard.

Graduates of American University of Barbados after completing the licensing examinations are eligible to practice medicine in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries of the world. The staff of this university holds Ph.D. or M.D. degrees in their respective field with the teaching experience.

The main goal of the American University of Barbados is not only to create doctors but also medical scholars inspire with lifelong desire for knowledge and service. The university produces medical graduates who are emotionally as well as culturally sensitive, so that they can be recognized as respected healers, as well as responsible citizen of the country which they choose to be in. The university wants their doctors treat their patients with human touch.

Teaching in American University of Barbados is done with Structured Integration Methodology and Problem Based Learning using 3D- Animation. Pre-Medical options are now available at Barbados as well as India. With the quality of education they also provide various amenities to their students like accommodation, online library through which a student can access more than 10000 books and journals, and many more materials related to their courses.

The MD program in American University of Barbados is of 5 and half year for high school graduates. In this program, Clinical rotation is provided in one of the best training hospitals of USA, Malta, Caribbean and other Asian countries. Moreover, American University of Barbados graduates of Indian origin, can do practice in India as medical professionals after clearing in MCI’s screening test.

Clinical Sciences are completed during clinical rotations in the United States at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago and its affiliated hospitals. The degree provided by American University of Barbados is applicable all over the world. It is one of the best medical college in Barbados for studying general medicine.

It also has a parent institute in India known as Era’s Lucknow Medical College which is among the top medical colleges of India. It has taken initiative in research and has 950 bed hospital. Research facility is also available for all students. American University of Barbados does not discriminate the students on the basis of race, religion or nationality in the admission process.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in American University of Barbados

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of admission or by December 31st in the year of admission. Applicants younger than 18 may seek a waiver from the Dean given exceptional prior coursework in addition to fulfilling all of the academic requirements for admission.

  • Academic Requirements (Barbados, Caribbean, UK, etc.): Five CXC/CSEC or GCE “O” Level subjects in English, Biology, Chemistry, *Mathematics & Physics


Three 2-unit CAPE (Biology, Chemistry, *Physics) or three “A” Level subjects *Physics/Math components can be satisfied by CXC/CSEC or “O” Levels


University or College-level undergraduate coursework with fulfilled pre-medical prerequisites (Note that an Associate Degree (undergraduate) equivalency is deemed acceptable if all prerequisites are fulfilled – a WES evaluation credential evaluation is required as part of the application process).

Students Reviews for AUB

Fees Structure

Key Points

  • 3.5 Years in Barbados + 2 Years in Phillipines
  • $57000 Total Expense (Approx Rs. 40 Lacs)
  • Food & Accommodation in Barbados – $500 / Month
  • Food & Accommodation in Phillipines – $ 400 /Month
  • Scholarship upto $12500
  • Benefit of 800$ in instant payment of 4 semesters

Some more important things

  1. 96% Pass rate in MCI screening test (FMGE)
  2. 1 Year internship in India

Key Points

  • 3.5 Years in Barbados + 2 Years in Malta
  • $66750 Total Expense (Approx Rs. 46 Lacs)
  • Food & Accommodation in Barbados – $500 / Month
  • Food & Accommodation in Malta – $ 400 /Month
  • Scholarship upto $12500
  • Benefit of 800$ in instant payment of 4 semesters

Key Points

  • 9 Semester in Barbados + 6 Semester in Chicago USA (Training in Hospital)
  • $90000 Total Expense (Approx Rs. 60 Lacs)
  • Inbuilt USMLE Training for Step 1 and Step 2
  • Chance to settle in USA and Practice as Doctor
  • Food & Accommodation in Barbados – $500 / Month
  • Food & Accommodation in USA – $ 700 /Month
  • Scholarship upto $12500
  • Application fees + Visa Fees + Medical (600$ )
  • Benefit of 800$ in instant payment of 4 semesters
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Barbados is the island country of the Caribbean region of North America. Bridgetown, the largest city, is the capital of Barbados. The country generally experience two seasons i.e. wet season because of heavy rainfall and dry season. The dry season which starts from December lasts till June. English is the official language of Barbados which is used for administration, communication, public service, etc. it is the only region with all white sand beaches. Barbados was the first island to have water pipelines. Its flights are connected with all the major airports of the world.

There are mainly 9 wonders of Barbados namely Atlantis Submarine, Drax Hill, St. Nicholas Abbey, Cannon Galore, Morgan Lewis Mill, Harrison’s Cave, Animal Flower Cave, Jewish Synagogue and The Bearded Fig Tree. Tourists can enjoy the tax-free shopping in the Barbados Island. Barbados’s literacy rate is closed to 100%. It is considered as 53rd richest country in terms of GDP. It is also considered as a part of Caribbean and is one of the leading tourist destination. Route taxis are the major transport system in Barbados with which person can travel various attractions of the island.