Azerbaijan Medical University

$6700 Per Year W/o Hostel
$7200 Per Year Incl. Hostel

Total 6 Years 


  • Application Processing
  • Airport Transfer – first arrival in country to join AMU
  • Pay-as-you-go phone sim card and one-off credit after arrival (1st year)
  • Shared Self Catered Accommodation en suite (only for those selecting and paying for the accommodation option); free Wi-Fi and Fridge for each room. Shared, Kitchen, Washing machine and drier (*currently free) in a designated laundry area
  • Standard tuition
  • Full time TRC Student Mentor 24/7 who is a doctor and visiting lecturer at AMU
  • In the final year guidance in passing the student’s home country or relevant professional medical examination


  • Bank Charges – incurred by the applicant or TRC Ellevitta
  • Travel Costs – International and Local
  • E Visa costs
  • Following years visa and any registration costs
  • Books, Medical Clothing and Equipment
  • Initial Entry Medical Inspection
  • Document Translation and Attestation
  • Exam Fees / Exam Retake Fees / Extra tuition
  • Laundry Tokens (if system is ever imposed by the hostel management)
  • Personal TV/Audio / Microwaves / Kettle / Fans / Driers etc in accommodation
  • Medical Treatment
  • Damage to personal or university property
  • Travel/possessions/legal/medical insurance – students must have such a policy in place before they leave their country, to cover the full year and which must be renewed yearly. Proof of this will be required before a visa is issued.

About Azerbaijan Medical University

Currently there are 1200 international students studying in these medical disciplines at the University, from over 21 countries: Turkey, Russia, USA, İran, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden, Yemen, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Nigeria, Philippines, Finland, Palestine.

The AMU international graduates of the faculty are working in clinics in many different countries, having on conclusion of their degree gone on to successfully pass the national professional examination to practice, as is the norm, in the country of their choice.

Training is carried out in 74 departments of the University. The faculty’s teaching staff comprises of 650 teachers, include 76 D.Sc. 298 Ph.D.; 2 Honoured Scientists of the Russian Federation; Honoured Workers of the Higher School of the Russian Federation, more than 40 academicians and
corresponding – members of the Russian and international academies. Plus 10 Honoured Physicians of the Russian Federation work at the departments of the clinical profile, in fact all the teachers we employ are in the higher or the first
medical category.

The curriculum consists of 5 blocks of disciplines: humanities and socio-economic sciences, natural sciences, medico-biological, professional and special disciplines.

Faculty graduates undergo clinical specialization in 36 specialties; internship course in 32 specialties; post-graduate course in 51 specialties. The sphere of the professional activity of the graduates is determined by the acquired specialty and includes; public health, social protection, pharmacy,
medical and biological sciences, medical education, economy of public health. We wish you every success in your time at the university and for your future career, for which we know we will prepare you to a very high standard.

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