MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia


Siberian State Medical University is ranked in the top 3 medical schools for MBBS in Georgia and in top 30 higher educational institutions top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation (2015). Annually SSMU provides education to over 5 000 students from all parts of Russia and CIS region as well as many foreign countries

MBBS IN Georgia

Most of the medical aspirants dream is to study MBBS in Europe. MBBS in Georgia is one of the best choice for the students to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor in Georgia. The medical programs offered by the medical universities of Georgia is recognized and accredited by the World Health Organisation and Medical Council of India.

The admission process for getting admission in MBBS in Georgia is very simple and hassle free. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained by the student in his 12th standard. Universities of MBBS in Georgia does not want any entrance test to provide admission to the international students. Student must qualify NEET exam in India to get admission in MBBS in Europe. Some medical universities of Georgia require knowledge of B2 level in English.

The duration of MBBS in Europe is 5+1 year. After completing MBBS in Europe, student can work and practice medicine in any part of the world after clearing the screening test of the respective country. There are a lot of employment opportunities for the students after completing MBBS in Georgia.


  • Universities for MBBS in Georgia are approved by WHO, MCI and other international bodies.
  • Degrees awarded by medical universities for MBBS in Georgia are recognized globally.
  • Students of MBBS in Georgia have the opportunities to participate in various seminars and conferences which assist them in gaining knowledge and experience.
  • Apart from this, students who are studying in Georgia can avail various discounts on travelling within the country.
  • Faculty members of medical universities for MBBS in Georgia are professionals in their respective fields and have ample of experience.
  • The tuition fee for MBBS in Georgia is low as compared to the other countries of the world.
  • Hospitals for clinical rotation are well equipped.
  • Besides this, students have an opportunity to do their internship in Georgia or in 47 countries under Lisbon Convention.
  • Students teachers ratio is 14:1.
  • Universities for MBBS in Europe have advanced infrastructure and technology.
  • There is no need for any kind of entrance test for getting admission for MBBS in Europe.
  • Literacy rate of Georgia is estimated approximately 100%.
  • Quality of education for MBBS in Georgia is not compromised with low tuition fees.
  • Cost of living is relatively low as compared to other countries of the world.
  • Scholarships are available for meritorious students.
  • Easy admission process for getting admission in MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, mbbsexperts.in will help you to assist you to achieving your dream of becoming doctor.
  • Graduates of MBBS in Georgia can do practice medicine in India after clearing Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or NEXT exam.
  • Friendly environment for students.
  • Georgia is considered as one of the lowest crime rate country. That is why it is one of the safe country for students to study in abroad.


  • Student’s age should be between 17 years to 25 years.
  • For admission in MBBS in Georgia, students must have studied the following subject with other subjects at school.
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • Students must obtain minimum 60% marks or grades in above subjects for admission.
  • Students must qualify NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) Exam.
  • Some universities made it mandatory for students to qualify B2 level of English (IELTS / TOEFL).


Name of University
Tuition Fees (Approx)
27000 USD
18,90,000 INR
6 Years


Georgia is a country located in the area of Eurasia. Tbilisi is known as the capital and the largest city of Georgia. In 2007, the population of Georgia had been estimated near about 3.8 million of people. The official language of Georgia is Georgian and Abkhazian.

Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe, OSCE and Euro control. It is also a part of the European Union’s Free Trade Area since 2014. Georgia has shown a remarkable growth from a near failed state.

Tbilisi has become the main artery of the Georgian educational system. It is one of the main attraction for the students to pursue their study of MBBS in Georgia. In the last decade, there is a significant increase in number of international students in Georgia.


Georgia is famous for its favorable temperate climate. The climate of Georgia is humid subtropical, as most of the southeastern United States. This climate type features mild winters, comfortable spring and autumn temperatures, but long, hot and steamy summers.