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siberian state medical university russiaSiberian State Medical University, also known as Tomsk Medical Institute, is the best school for studying MBBS in Russia. Its history begin in the year 1878 as the faculty of medicine. It is one of the oldest medical school of Russia. It is well-known and reputed university in the field of MBBS in Russia because of well qualified and trained physicians whose names are known worldwide.

The aim of Siberian Medical University is to improve the health and quality of life through advancement in education, research and patient care by providing top-quality training, education and research to their students. Siberian State Medical University trains the prospective doctors by providing them good quality of education and medical research.

Siberian State Medical University is ranked among the top 3 medical schools and in top 30 higher educational institutions and top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation. It is mainly famous for studying MBBS in Russia after 12th standard. Apart from this, university graduates from Siberian State Medical University are in great demand in all over the world.

Besides this, Siberian State Medical University gives education to more than 5000 students annually from Russia and foreign countries like India, Germany, Malaysia, Mongolia, Cyprus, Nigeria and many more. Siberian State Medical University have graduated more than 60000 doctors till date and over 40000 doctors have been certified. It is one of the best university for studying MBBS in Russia.

In addition to this, Siberian State Medical University provides good quality of education along with various amenities. It is among the few universities of MBBS in Russia with its own university hospital, research centers and laboratories, anatomical museums with unique collections, the largest scientific Medical Library in Siberia and many other facilities.

Students who graduates from Siberian Medical University are considered highly qualified professionals. They can put their knowledge into practice in one of two European accredited training simulation centers in Russia. Siberian State Medical University graduates are the leading doctors of Russian and foreign clinics such as Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation and many more.

Graduates from Siberian State Medical University work all over the world like Russia, CIS, Germany, Norway, Israel, The United States of America, Canada, France, Belgium, South Korea, Sweden, etc. They get easily jobs in the world because of their demands throughout the country. It is one of the best choice for the students for studying MBBS in Russia.

Studying in Siberian Medical University is one of the best experience for students. It offers various opportunities to enjoy the student life with different activities like round recreation, including football, tennis and basketball, swimming in summer, skiing and skating in winter. There are numerous clubs as per your interests and also student organizations are also available at Siberian State Medical University.

Since 2015, Olga Kobyakova (MD, D.Med.Science, professor) was elected as the rector of Siberian State Medical University. He is a member of the Scientific Council of Siberian State Medical University, Dissertation Council and the Commission for initial consideration of thesis in the field of Pneumology.

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Makarov was one of the graduate of Siberian State Medical University and became the Mayor of Tomsk city. He worked as surgeon Krasnoyarsk Krai. He belongs to one of the famous alumni of Siberian State Medical University.

Siberian State Medical University students belongs to 47 different regions of Russia and from 13 foreign countries. In simple words, it can be said that 80% of the students belongs to Russia and 12% are international students. 72000 university pupil of 120 nationalities graduated from Siberian State Medical University.

Fast Facts:

  • more than 5000 students
  • students from 47 regions of Russia
  • students from 13 foreign countries
  • 80% students from all over Russia
  • 12% foreign students
  • over 80% of the academic faculty are scientific scholars
  • 15% employer-sponsored education, inc. 30% for Tomsk health care system
  • 72 000 university students of 120 nationalities in Tomsk 

Fees for Siberian State Medical University

 Siberian State Medical University

25000 USD
1750000 INR

6 Years

About Siberian State Medical University

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For admission in medical related courses, students must have studied the following subject with other subjects at school:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Students must qualify NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) Exam to practice in India.


Tomsk is known a merchants’ city, a center of the gold rush and the center of a huge accommodation covering various areas of today’s Russia and Kazakhstan. Tomsk changed dramatically after the establishment of Siberian State Medical University. This city is old as well as young. The life of Tomsk people is filled with hopes, talent and amazing energy.

There are four universities found within one and half kilometers. No other city in the world has such close vicinity of its higher education universities. Further, more than 72000 scholars attend class in Tomsk universities for higher education in MBBS in Russia. It means than in Tomsk city every 8th resident is a student of higher education.